Ba xr6 turbo upgrades

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ba xr6 turbo upgrades

Post subject: Ba xr6 turbo mods Posted: Mon Aug 20, am. Stock as a Rock. I will be getting my ba xr6 turbo sedan soon so i need some advice on the mods i am doing first. I have about 5 grand to spend for starters on mods then i will get a capa flash tuner after the mods are done. Posted: Mon Aug 20, am. Getting Side Ways. Also you will be getting close to needing injectors and depending on the car, valve springs.

Posted: Tue Aug 21, am. Thanks champ. I got told by the exhaust shop that after the mods that the computer "learns" the mods and everthing will be fine. Why will it go into limp mode and why will i need new injectors? As for injectors with the mods you want and a custom tune you will be right up near the rwkw mark, ive got rwkw with just cooler, piping, intake and injectors, by onmly changing the cat i will be into the 's which is way more then the stock injectors can safely handle.With G6E turbos only being produced by Ford with single spinner differential certres, the Eaton Truetrack is the perfect upgrade.

What is a Truetrack? The Detroit Truetrac is a helical-gear style performance differential that maximizes wheel traction and enhances driving and handling characteristics. Operation: The Truetrac operates as a standard or open differential under normal driving conditions, allowing one wheel to spin faster or slower as necessary.

When a wheel encounters a loss of traction or the terrain changes, the gear separation forces take effect and transfer torque to the high-traction wheel. The helical-shaped gears mesh with increasing force until wheel spin is slowed or completely stopped. When the vehicle exits the low traction situation, the differential resumes normal operation. Performance: Operation of the Truetrac is smooth, quiet and automatic. The unit will engage without any driver knowledge or action required.

It also has no wearable parts and requires no maintenance, meaning less time in the garage and more on the road.

Benifits of our Detroit Truetrack.Got a flash tuner but run it standard. I bought my BA with the intention to edit it. Makes a huge difference compared with stock! Welcome to the mad house. Tell us where you located so someone can recommend a reputable workshop as you want someone who knows what they're doing.

Im at thou km and the stock block is strong at rkw. Starting to feel a little slip from change when cold. Plenty of help on here for u though mate, some very smart folks hiding under a bridge here and there that will pop up when u ask. Sounds good cheers guys.

Im in perth found a place yesterday. I think this is the place to go in perth. So yeah will book the car in an get some work done?. Has anyone had much too do with bpt in perth?? Have fun with that mate.

The other advise posted from the guys is real good info for you, have fun once you start modding best decision you'll make apart from choosing the car. There are other shops that tune Barra engines as well so look around if you don't like either of those two. Yeah forgot to say the engine block is strong, the BA internals are the weak point but can be pushed to decent numbers if the person doing the tuning is careful Good info guys.

BARRA upgrade - Ford FG Falcon XR6 turbo

All custom stainless. Cant quite afford to get the relo for throttle,battery an air filter. Going to do most the work except modified wastgate an get put on a trailer to get tuned.

And if im going down the wrong path cheers? Oh an a b m tranny cooler with thermo fan or pwr, like the boys have said is a must. Going for this setup as its in my price range!! In regards to exhaust, plenty of off the shelf exhausts in the specs you stated. Unless your getting a great deal on a custom job, look at xforce or smb. Mate throttle relo and proper intake will go along way to making a the car perform bettsr and safer at roughly rkw.

Not sure will have to find out about the cats?? How much for throttle relo?? As im busting my nuts on the budget. Is it easy to do urself im quite a hands on guy.

I use to do most my work on my groupa supercharged stroker in a h An stever what sort of money am I looking at to get the rods done thanks man. This is my first turbo xr6 so dont know much bout em. One of the first things I was told on here was, bolt on as much as possible to help the block as they need it.

I'm not sure if the tog system comes with the trans bracket but you might need one. The twin cats are pretty wide and can bump against the chassis rail when cornering as the engine mounts flex a bit.

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The bracket bolts to the trans mount and hooks and exhaust hanger across just behind the cat to stop it swinging. If the hybrid has opposite end outlets, what piping are you looking to run? Looking at the Hybrid units if it is the smaller unit that sits behind the crash bar, Its going to be good for one or two power runs before it starts building up heat.From my search it seems ba bf are the same and fg is said to be a smaller turbo by some.

Others say the turbines are the same on all 3. It seems that the ba is comp.

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So from all my searching I think they are both the same turbo but the fg just has the smaller ar on the compressor.

Ba Bf gt Fg gt Fg spools quicker but runs out of puff approx rwkw after tune and supporting mods the f6 was fitted with the gt hence more power more towards the rwkw region. Heaps of info on the forum if you look around don't know if this helps. Yes I have found general info on one making more hp, or the other spooling faster, but not exact specs on ar or trim or inducer exducer diameters. If it's just me searching in the wrong place, could you point me in the right direction maybe I'm using the wrong questions.

Can't paste a link right now but if you go to the turbo section there's a pinned thread called "what is the std turbo in FG" or words to that effect - should help. All these are 0. It appears that the gt fg turbo might be 76 comp as garett would imply but the ba turbo said to be gt might be a gt with 82mm comp and both might have the.

ba xr6 turbo upgrades

Would really like to know for sure from someone that has checked the sizes, as the huge amount of info on the net often conflicts. Like I said above, both have 0.

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I think all the pros are busy during the holiday period. GTr is the ford specific turbo 0.


But NFI the size of the bits inside I. Thanks with all your help and going back to garett with your info I think I have the specs straight now. It is different to the other you may see on the Web for billet wheels as it has a different inducer.

That's what I'm doing. So the is comp I have a fg turbo, im thinking of putting a gt35r core and. What sort of gain and extra lag can I expect??? Gain is dependant on how much boost you run when you get it tuned. Then again you can get good gains from your stock turbo. You'll need a turbo side intake, battery relocation and charge pipe upgrade to use the larger comp housing as it has a 4 inch intake and a 2. Something something tb elbow.

You'll want an injector and fuel pump upgrade too as these will max out before a stock turbo is maxed, let alone a modded one. Without the aforementioned upgrades, you may as well keep the stock turbo and just get it tuned with injectors and fuel pump.

Think about your end hp goal and what conditions the car will see and you should get some more specific advice from members. He'll look after ya. Lots to think about, might just get a pw stage1 cooler, and 15psi boost, injectors.

ba xr6 turbo upgrades

How much power can be made on stock injectors?Here at East Coast Customs, we have spent countless hours researching and developing the best performance packages to help enhance your vehicle, from a simple upgrade to a out and out monster.

We have carefully designed and selected the following upgrade packages, using only the best quality parts in what we have found to be the most modular and efficient path in our pursuit of modification, in both terms of performance and budget. It should be noted here that earlier models BA and series 1 BF were plagued with notoriously weak and unreliable valve springs from factory, and there may be times where valve spring failures cause issues early on in the piece.

Of course this is dependent on age, condition, history etc, but what is undeniable, is that all models will benefit in both power and reliability from a valve spring upgrade, and is a vital piece of the modification puzzle when chasing stellar performance from our beloved 4. We recommend heavy duty bee hive valve springs to ensure the valves stay shut and no chance of valve float or valve blow, no matter what boost levels or combustion pressures the vehicle sees.

Oem valve springs have approximately 50 psi of seat pressure, which is underwhelmingly insufficient in performance applications, providing nowhere near enough pressure to prevent valve train issues and the associated damage to seals, stems, retainers, collets and our power production! Our stage 1 Package is designed for those people wanting to get more power, torque and fuel economy without sacrificing any of the creature comforts of the standard vehicle.

We then supply or tune your own if you already have one a SCT XCAL4 flash unit, and proceed to tune your vehicles ecu on the dyno to maximise power, torque, and fuel efficiency whilst providing added safety margins to the factory mapping where necessary. We can program up to 3 separate tunes into the X4 for you, which can be changed at will in a matter of minutes, as well as the ability to re-flash the vehicle back to the factory tune at any stage with zero consequences.

Our stage 2 package is for customers wanting a bit more bark and a bit more bite, over our stage 1 package. These injectors provide impeccable cylinder to cylinder consistency, rock solid tuneability, idle, driveability, start up, and will once again support numbers in excess of rwkw with absolutely zero comprise, as is often found with other popular injectors.

We then also upgrade the highly restrict factory catalytic converter, with a VENOM high flow cat pipe, unlocking immense power potential hidden away behind the factory item. By eliminating the restrictive factory intercooler, we open up the breathing potential of the engine exponentially, allowing greater flow, greater power, and more consistent charge air temperatures entering the engine on back to back runs and testing. Intercooling is a way of dramatically decreasing the temperature of this air, providing us with colder, denser, safer, and more power productive air for ingestion by the engine.

The intercoolers job is to ensure the air that is compressed by the turbocharger is cooled as much as possible to aid in increased oxygen density and less heat in the combustion chamber, both allowing improved power production and more efficient combustion.

The factory XR6 intercoolers are prone to heat soak and flow restrictions, especially once the boost levels are turned up above factory. Any enthusiast serious about making reliable power, should consider adding an intercooler upgrade into their modification package. Our stage 4 package is for our serious Ford enthusiast,looking to extract the maximum performance out of the stock motor.

Our stage 4 packages are custom tailored to each individual and vehicle, as each customers goals, desires, and outcomes vary wildly. Common upgrades in our stage 4 kits includes:. Share this with your friends. Read more. More info. East Coast Customs. Peter Flanders said this about East Coast CustomsHe's a great value in DFS formats and should be, at worst, third in line for targets behind DeAndre Hopkins and Stephen Anderson against the 49ers. Matt Harmon: Carson Wentz and Jared Goff combine for less than 25 fantasy points.

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XR6T Performance Packages

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ba xr6 turbo upgrades

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